About Us

About Us

In 2018 we hit a major milestone and celebrate 50 years in business. Duncanville Bookstore first opened in 1968 and has been in it’s currently location since 1986. The original owners, Jerry & Pam Hoffman, are still remembered by many here at the store. Duncanville Bookstore is also the childhood comic book store of current owner Andy McMahon.

Our Staff

Andy McMahon – Owner

Andy is a life long comic collector who bought his childhood bookstore. He started reading and collecting comics at the age of 4 and a half thanks to his parents and grandparents. His grandmother helped teach him how to read by using the Sunday funnies. When he got older, during the summers, while his parents were at work, he would walk to Duncanville Bookstore every day and buy Justice League, Spider-Man and X-Men comics. His passion grew from there. After a serious car accident in 1998, he realized that life was short and he wanted to work at a job where he loved what he did so, around 2001, he started setting up at comic conventions. He eventually became Duncanville Bookstore’s store manager with the intent of buying the store. In 2005, his dream came true when he and his family purchased Duncanville Bookstore from the original owners. To this day, he is still trying to recreate that store and atmosphere that he fell in love with back in the mid to late seventies.


Jimmie McMahon – Owner

A life long resident of Duncanville, Jimmie Lee McMahon has made her mark on the community throughout the years. The daughter of James and Betty Gibbons, she has been involved with charitable and fraternal organizations such as the Order of the Eastern Star and the Masons her entire adult life. In the 1960’s, she met and married Harold McMahon and had a son named Andy in 1970. She worked in the banking industry for over 20 years and retired from that to eventually become the head of the Texas Order of the Eastern Star, serving one term as it’s Worthy Grand Matron. She also is a licensed auctioneer that enjoys helping with charitable events to raise money for the less fortunate. She is the Chief Financial Officer for Duncanville Bookstore and is the one who has the unenviable task of trying to keep the spending in check around here. She also devotes a lot of her time taking care of her other child, Coco the dog.


Harold “Mac” McMahon – Owner

Born in 1941 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania outside Pittsburg, Harold grew up with a passion for cars and scooters. If it had an engine and wheels, he wanted it. The army brought him to Texas in the 1960’s and that is where he met Jimmie Lee Gibbons. They were soon married and in 1970, they had a son they named Andy. Throughout the years, Harold was a hard working man who always took care of his family, often working two jobs. He also loved working on cars and owned many Street Rods and was part of several different car clubs. Unfortunately, his son did not share his gifts with a wrench, instead, preferring to read. Harold would often buy his son comic books to help encourage this habit believing that it did not matter what a person read, as long as they were reading. When the chance came along to help his son realize his dream of owning a comic book shop, he happily helped as much as he could, even working in the store, helping at conventions and helping get the store’s internet business off the ground. Harold passed away in December of 2015 but he is still a big part of what Duncanville Bookstore is all about. He may be gone but we all hope he would be proud of us as we grow and serve the collecting community.

Tiffany Fox

Tiffany joined the team in May 2018, after a 17 year career in the book industry. Her love of books, which includes Sci-Fi, Horror and Mystery, extends through to her comic collecting. She tends to stick to titles published from Image, Boom and Aftershock. When she isn’t collecting comics, reading books, or picking out posters, she is expanding her taste for music! She has recently started collecting vinyl again, and trys to spin a record daily! She helps manage our shipping, invoicing and Facebook albums/live sales, as well as helping to expand the website daily. Most days you will find her at the office but she does make an appearance from time to time at the store.


Bo Howell

Bo joined the team in 2018, but has been a long time pull list customer.

Daniel Toppins

Daniel joined the team in August 2021.