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elcome to Duncanville Bookstore! Your One-Stop-Shop for all things related to comics, graphic novels, manga, toys, vinyl records, posters, and many other assorted collectibles!

Duncanville Bookstore has a long history in Duncanville, TX and the local collecting community. Therefore, we take pride in our customer service and look forward to doing business with you.

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Comics & Trades

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We have a wide variety of comics from Marvel, DC, and Independent publishers. The books range from as early as the 1930’s to the newest and latest releases. When you enter our store the first thing you will notice is our large inventory of back issues. We also carry graded books (CGC and CBCS), key issues, first appearances, variant covers, and more. Since we are always buying our inventory is always growing.

Our store additionally houses a wide selection of trade paperbacks from Marvel, DC, and other independent publishers. Trades are a great way to enjoy stories that are difficult to find or costly to purchase. Therefore, allowing the reader to consume multiple issues from a series. Furthermore, they offer customers a way to catch up on past story lines and try new series without breaking the bank. We at Duncanville Bookstore strive to keep a current stock of everything in print.

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Toys & Novelties & Action Figures

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We have a great selection of toys, statues, and action figures (loose and carded) from all ages. We also have Marvel Legends, Marvel Universe, DC Direct, DC Universe, Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars, and so much more! If you want to replace the toys your mom sold in a garage sale or if you want the latest build-a-figure, check us out!

Additionally, we carry some great impulse collectibles including Key Rings, Wallets, Decals, Posters, Vinyl Banks, Buttons and of course, Pop Vinyl figures. Whether you want to show the world that you are on the side of the heroes or that you are an empire kind of person, we have your bling!

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